The additives bring new and superior technical characteristics to the polymers as well as facilitate the transformation process.

Antistatic, ultraviolet, process aids, machine cleaners, etc.
This product is intended to simplify the operations of color change and cleaning of welds in the machines of injection, extrusion and blowing, acting in the zones of stagnation of the flows of the polymers.

Being a product that acts both physically and chemically can be used in different ways, taking into account the process system.
Greenhouse films and wrappers for fruits and vegetables come into contact with the water vapour that condenses on the film and an infinite number of small drops that form each, a tiny magnifying glass, diffuse the light and make the film opaque. The use of the anti-vapour allows modifying the surface tension of the film, gathering all these small drops in a uniform and transparent water layer.
These additives have been studied to modify the coefficient of friction (slip) for the tendency to block of the high and low density films, as well as caps and bottles that require a sliding effect.
The anti-blocking additive is designed for its use in the manufacture of LDPE, HDPE and LLDPE films, which require antiblocking features.
The IGNIFUGO 5001 PE masterbatch has been developed to give flame resitance to low density polyethylenes, where the temperatures of the continuous process do not exceed 300 º C and where there is no stagnation of the material in the machine.
The nucleating masterbatch is specially designed to distribute the crystalline and amorphous phase uniformly during the process of transformation of the material, avoiding tensions, improving the speed of cooling and capturing the gels of the polymer, which gives the finished material a superior transparency.
The CLARIFIER AND NUCLEANTE PP are specially designed to be used in PP Homopolymer and Random. During the process of transformation of the material, it evenly distributes the crystalline and amorphous phase, avoiding tensions, improving the speed of cooling and capturing the gels of the polymer, which endows the finished material with a superior transparency.
This masterbatch is based on a system of antioxidant properties, which give an outstanding thermal stability over long periods and also improves the stability during the process in polyolefins especially in extrusion of irrigation and pressure pipes.
This Marterbatch consists of a combination of Benzophenones and Hals dispersed in LDPE, particularly suitable for anti-UV stabilization in all types of LDPE films and especially in packaging wrapping film. This formulation has been developed for the manufacture of all types of thicknesses. The film additive is totally colorless.
Process Aid 002 ZFL PE has been designed to be used in low dosages with the aim of improving the process of polyolefins, particularly in high viscosity polymers and mainly in applications of blowing, stretch film, flat die films, extrusion and blow molding of HDPE.
The MB DIFUSOR LED is a concentrate of organic based additives that produce an effect of dispersion and diffusion of incident light in PC, PMMA, SAN and PS applications. Unlike other products based on inorganic fillers, MB DIFUSOR does not significantly penalize transparency, nor does it affect the mechanical properties of the application material.
This masterbatch is designed to produce a marble effect on the parts injected into polyolefins. As it’s well known, this effect is generated by a very poor mixture in the injection machine so it is essential to use machines with mono spindle or piston.
Foaming EN 70 is a white foaming agent widely used for cellular rubber and the production of plastics.

The IM 7200 foaming MB is especially versatile for use in thermoplastics, various types of PVC, high and low density PE, EVA, PS, PSB and ABS, which are manufactured with the aid of a foaming agent.
It improves the fabric quality of fabrics and reduces the thickness of PP tapes. Weaving tapes are often tinted, especially in upholstery.

It also increases the density of PP tapes which is an advantage for some weaving machines. It is a highly effective antiblocking and its use will increase the extrusion capacity in filmmaking and increase temperatures without blocking problems.
Modification of coefficient of friction and blockage in polyolefin film extrusion applications where slow migration is required, or work at relatively high temperatures (<270°C).
A box of 400 gr. is placed on a ramp covered by a film, which has the ANTI-SLIP 812 PE built-in, it starts to incline to the ramp until the box begins to slide, at this moment the angle of inclination. These tests are orientative so we recommend to try first of all, the final application before massive productions.
The ANTIHUMEDAD 6040 LLDPE masterbatch has been studied to modify the effects of porosity of polymers caused by moisture
  • Reduction or elimination of moisture in recycled polymers.
  • Reduction or elimination of problems related to humidity.
  • Increase the use of recycled material.
The BACTERICIDE masterbatch has a highly active antimicrobial effect which makes it very effective against a large number of Gram positive and negative bacteria inhibiting its growth. It generally provides the antimicrobial effect during the useful life of plastic articles, thanks to the combination of slow migration and high activity.
The phosphorescent pigments have the particularity that once loaded with a light source, maintains that luminous force that they are losing progressively with the passage of time.

Euromaster has two types of phosphorescent pigments, the difference between them lies mainly in the time it takes to lose their phosphorescence.
The LASER masterbatch has been developed to provide polymers with a high quality brand mark, obtaining a black or white hue and a good contrast with the base color.
It is an impact modifier suitable for all types of polyolefins, excellent processability. It does not need to be previously incorporated into the polymer in a compounding process, and can be used directly during processing.
The SLIP DEMOULDER is a pure additive, to modify the coefficient of friction (slip) and the tendency to block high and low density films.

One of the main applications is an internal mold release agent, in addition to obtaining parts with higher gloss and lowering the melting point of some polymers, which reduces the times of the injection cycles.
The plastic materials are very insulating. Electrostatic charges due to rubbing or thermal cycling can not be eliminated naturally, therefore, the presence of antistatic additives is required in the formulation when these loads are incompatible with the quality of the article (dust deposits) or cause handling problems.

The purpose of antistatics is to only allow discharge of electrostatic charges and should not be confused with an electrical conductivity of the polymer. In effect, the action of the antistats is limited to the surface of the piece, thanks to the migration of the hydroscopic additives contained in the formulation.